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Hair Services

We are a group of independent stylist co-oping space. Individual stylist promotions & prices may vary. Please go to Find a Specialist if you are new to studio and looking for bio or contact info.


  • Custom Scalp Massaging Shampoo (Deep conditioning treatment)
  • Brow Tint 
  • Coffee/Snack Bar
  • WIFI 
  • Bank Neck Trim

HAIRCUT: A precision wet to dry haircut shaped and sculpted according to the growth patterns, texture & cowlicks.  Blow dry styled included.

  • Women                         $45.
  • Women Long Length    $55.
  • Men's cut                       $20.
  • Teen Girl (13+)              $30.
  • Kids                               $12.

STYLING: You choose the level of style and finish.  Please note: 1st time color clients schedule a blow dry.

  • Basic blow dry           $26
  • Signature blow out     $36
  • Special Occasion Style    $60

RETOUCH EXPRESS: Maintenance of color to new growth (approx 2").  Recommended every 3 to 6 weeks . Eyebrow tint complementary.  Blow dry not included, self styling station when available.

  • retouch only      $40

ALL OVER COLOR:  Single process colored from scalp to ends.  Deposit, lift, refresh or change all over color.  Recommended every 2nd/3rd retouch to maintain color balance, porosity & richness.

  • Ear Length      $48.
  • Chin Length    $56.
  • Shoulder Length     $64.
  • Back Length     $74

HIGHLIGHTS: Dimensional color brushed or weaved or foiled to create depth and or lightness.

  • accent foil (6-8)     $45

1/2 FOIL

  • Ear Length     $60
  • Chin Length    $70 
  • Shoulder Length     $80
  • Back Length     $90 


  • Ear Length     $80
  • Chin Length    $100 
  • Shoulder Length     $120
  • Back Length     $140

GLAZE: Return hair texture back to frizz free texture: leave hair cuticle smooth, shiney, silky and conditioned.

  • Ear     $34
  • Chin   $36 
  • Shoulder   $40
  • Back Length    $45

TONER:  Recommended after highlighting to achieve a different tonal value.  Lighters alone can not produce ashy, violet, beige, neutral or fashion colors and this 2nd steps is required. 

  • Starts at $25 and varies according to amount of product used, hair length & porosity.

OLAPLEX:  Chemical treatments cause hairs hydrogen and sulphide bonds to break, (ie: frizzy/damaged/dull hair texture.  Olaplex reconnects those bonds leaving your hair stronger, softer, shinier, and easier to manage for overall better hair health.  Olaplex is insurance for your hair. It is a 2 step process;1st step is added to color, 2nd step is applied after color is rinsed out and left on hair for additional 10 minutes.  It is well worth the upgrade and should be added to anyone considering regular highlighting.

  • prices is based on overall color used.  For 2 oz of color 1/4 oz of Olaplex is added.  
  • $20 for every 1/4 oz Olaplex


  • Multi dimension     $12
  • Extra Color Mix     $10
  • Special Effects/Extreme Blonding  $40+
  • Olaplex     $20




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